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Silicone Lines

From mixing to packaging

Colmec is a leader in the field of silicone processing systems with state-of-the-art solutions to set up an entire production line from mixing to packaging.
The wide range of products includes innovative systems for mixing and straining. Fully automated and complete extrusion lines for the production of profiles, hose, dense and sponge sheets and cable coating for various industrial sectors.


Vulcanization systems

For applications that require the use of a continuous pre-vulcanization and vulcanization ovens, Colmec offers a wide range of models and customized solutions that take into account the characteristics of the extruded preform together with the space available by the customer.

DENSE AND SPONGE extrusion lines
Colmec offers technologically advanced solutions for the production of dense and sponge sheets up to 2000 mm width and is able to guarantee narrow dimensional tolerances with uniform and homogeneous expansion.
colmec DENSE AND SPONGE extrusion lines<br />
HOSE & PROFILE extrusion lines
Complete systems for the continuous extrusion and vulcanization of dense and sponge hose and profiles, single-layer or multilayer, are designed according to the specific needs of the customer to offer high linear speeds and maximum efficiency.
CABLE COATING extrusion lines
Silicone cable coating lines with continuous vulcanization systems using high speed hot air or molten salt ovens meeting the growing demand for cables with ceramic silicone insulation with flame retardant characteristics.
colmec CABLE COATING extrusion lines<br />
colmec MEDICAL SECTOR extrusion lines
MEDICAL SECTOR extrusion lines
Colmec designs and develops extrusion lines for clean rooms that are able to meet medical industry requirements and in accordance with cGMP/ FDA and OMS standards, 21CFR11 software part 11 FDA.

Complementary accessories

Each Colmec line is modular and customizable in every detail with Colmec complementary accessories. Each component is designed and manufactured internally according to the best technologies to ensure constant performance.

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